How to stop worrying and love the moment

A weird feeling in the belly, dry mouth, slightly furrowed brow, a low-volume current coursing through fingers, arms, shoulders, back, and legs, tightening everything. Only deep breathing relieves it. But only those who are aware that they are anxious even bother to breathe deep. The rest simply carry on worrying because they are so used to it – they don’t realize this negative feedback loop destroying them, is not actually the default setting.

Revisiting occurrences from the past produces the exact same symptoms as when it actually happened, be that hours, weeks, years, or decades ago. Regret-filled memories flood the system with the same hormones as during the events and functionality is impaired at almost the same level – sometimes more than when it was actually happening – because one is alone in their private bubble and doesn’t need to keep up their public face.

Fretting about stuff that is yet to occur, impairs one’s ability to perform or enjoy what one is doing (even if it’s just sitting around or lying about) right now. The cruddy feeling produced by anxiety-causing what-ifs colors the entire day. Wallowing in the down-pull of future events that – based upon previous life-stats – are almost guaranteed to happen as ‘feared’, impairs one’s ability to take rational steps towards realizing a positive version of that future. Instead, it distracts us from actively building the present, here and now, upon which the desired future could base itself. And it does exacerbate the humors (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So you have to ask yourself – is it useful? Continue reading