Good Reading if not Good Writing!

Last night, I read ‘The Gioconda Smile’ by Aldous Huxley and then for dessert ‘The Curfew Tolls’ Stephen Vincent Benét and felt ‘completely’ happy.

It has been years since I felt that from reading something. And then two titles in a row!

It must have been a magic night.

In both cases, I pretty much knew the ending halfway in. However, as we all know, it’s almost always true that it’s not the story but the telling of it that makes it ‘wondrous and fascinating’.

If you haven’t read ‘The Gioconda Smile’, do yourself a favor and read it right away. It’s just fantastically well-written and if I could just write one story that acquaints us with the characters as this one does…

I read both in Milton Crane’s ’50 Great Short Stories’, but you can get them anywhere I guess.


Translation of ‘Blauer Himmel’ by Gustavo Sack

Since none of my blog posts will allow me to finish them of late, I decided to do some translation to pass the time. My rules are: it should be short and sweet, and there cannot exist a translation that brings me to my knees in sweet liberating humility, and it has to be in German (or possibly Hindi, I suppose).

For my first one, I picked ‘Blauer Himmel’ by Gustav Sack, a poem from the early 20th century. Continue reading