Not caring vs. apathy

People think that not caring and being apathetic are the same thing. Obviously, I beg to differ.

To have apathy is turn oneself off. It means, one decides that they are no more than flotsam in the ocean, with no power or urge to choose how to behave and where to go, be it with or against the current below the waves. It means one is blind and deaf, and in the course of time, mute – because what would the point of speaking up be?

To stop caring, however, is to stop worrying, if something will happen or not, if a desire will be fulfilled or not, if  and if only cease to exist! This extremely liberating mental attitude lets one notice things like viscous egg-yolks in the early evening sky, smudged on the edges and bleeding playfully into the grey-blue wash, just the perfect shade of orange. And the light thrown on the side of a beautiful red-brick church, pulling into focus its lower facade, covered by irregularly-shaped stones, russet, brown, and grey, snuggled into each other’s eccentricities in uncomplaining harmony.

Not-caring makes one feel lucky. All the time.