On Cowardice

Regardless of the reasons we think up, the true reason for inaction is always cowardice.

The only possible outcome of cowardice is mediocrity.
Nothing great was ever produced by a coward, nothing good even.

We feel we would be inadequate in sustaining the awesomeness of whatever it is we set in motion, by taking that one small but brave step towards it. We fear we might turn out to be mediocre and this will be proven without a doubt, when we are messing up the new great thing. So we hesitate. We waffle. We don’t move, except in circles, doing more of the same.

Ironic then, that this very cowardice, this fear of being proven mediocre, pushes us to stay within the tepid low-risk embrace of mediocrity, where we feel safe and in control.

Nothing great ever came of cowardice, not happiness, not fulfillment, not contentedness. For those who are made for a better life, cowardice produces sickness and a terrible sense of inner disquiet.

Explore the disquiet within yourself. The one that makes you incessantly smoke, drink, daydream, love indiscriminately, start lots of things, finish nothing.

This disquiet comes from the stagnant energy weighing you down – energy that is incidentally released when one takes a step outside their ‘comfort zone’, no matter how small that step is.

So do one thing today, a small but meaningful thing, that makes your knees feel like jello-pudding, and ice is shooting up and down your veins, even as your ears and cheeks burn.

But do that one small thing today. Do it.


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