“Just Friends” vs. “Just More”

People always say, “we’re just friends”, as though it somehow ranked lower than a romance.

A good (platonic) friend is worth your weight in gold. You can discuss anything with them, or just talk about mundane things (but it clears your head), and you enjoy the time you spend with them, and you make time just to get a small dose of them, because you always walk away feeling better in life.

And a good friend is one who you’d make time for even when there wasn’t any tangible or material benefit whatsoever from knowing them. That is how great a good platonic friendship can be.

Now, the difference between apes and humans is about 2 chromosomes pairs from 23.

That is about the same difference between good friends and a romantic pair. Continue reading


Expat or not?

Fantastic. Finally. I recall when two women, one Australian and the other from somewhere in Western Europe (OK, so two white women, if we must),  were discussing how they are both expats here in Germany and I said, “well that makes 3 of us then” and they looked at me like I’d grown a second head. The subconscious head-shaking and “wha..?” look never fails to both amuse and shock me at the same time.

The European woman then proceeded to complain about how her last trip to India was markedly different from her trip 30 years ago, because she encountered 6-lane highways and all the usual 20th century stuff and shook her head while saying, “Tch, this is not India!”.

I retorted that “I guess Indians should continue to be half-naked and starving and never improve their lives, so that you the Westerner can take some nice photos, huh”.

As half-expected, the reaction was snarling rage and a desperate attempt to hold on to that ‘mask’ all these types wear.

It never fails to both shock and amuse me.

and ugh.

Great related article and about time someone wrote it. http://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2015/mar/13/white-people-expats-immigrants-migration?CMP=fb_gu