Illustrations of WW1

Somehow I totally missed that the Great War began this year, a hundred years ago, in 1914.

Here are some drawings by a fellow called Otto Dix depicting some realities of war. It hasn’t gotten any prettier even a hundred years later has it? I think all the romance and glorification in the movies comes from the fact that in a way for a lot of people it’s like being snowed in, or having to  (getting to) stay home from school due to a complete solar eclipse, or a week-long power blackout – despite the poverty and uncertainty, people interact more, become more symbiotic in their attitudes, and eventually get sick of being worried sick and sing and dance and make love a lot 🙂

Anyway, here is the uglier side of war:


Berlin Wonderland – Wild Years Revisited 1990-1996 Exhibition

Berlin Wonderland – Wild Years Revisited 1990-1996 is an exhibition designed to promote a new book, that by way of photographs taken in the years immediately following the 1989 fall of the Berlin wall, describes the experiential worlds of those who moved into the districts that were previously nudged up against the West Berlin border.
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