Why America is great and always will be

This Video is from Nineteen Eighty Nine. Yep, before Nineties, before the Noughties, and before the decade we’re almost halfway through. It’s an interview with a guy called Marc Christian, a former lover of the actor Rock Hudson. Now, Rock Hudson never did overtly come out of the closet, and seemed to be unaware that world actually knew he was gay and dying of AIDS, but that is not the point of this article.

Nor is the fact that Marc Christian sued Hudson’s estate after his death because Hudson hadn’t bothered telling Christian that he was infected with HIV and continued to sleep with him (and others, during their 3-year relationship) without protection. The point is not that Christian didn’t contract HIV after all or that Hudson had it. The lawsuit was because Hudson knew he was carrying a deadly virus and lied by omission to Christian, thus putting him at risk for a painful and slow death. Now the final point about which this article is not – the jury awarded Christian more than he had actually asked for in the lawsuit, handing him over USD 21.7 Million as Schmerzgeld for his ‘mental anguish’.

Alright. So what is this article about? Is America great because juries hand out millions of dollars willy-nilly ‘jes cawz’? Nopes, far from it. First, I would recommend watching the video, which is basically a precursor to the standard format talk show, hosted by none other than ye olde Phil Donahue. In the show, he basically quizzes Christian and the lawyer who represented him in the lawsuit about a number of things related to the case as well as his relationship with Rock Hudson and so on.

Je presente, le Vid:

Let us first get out of the way, that everyone in that video looks like an outer-space alien. Mullets really were popular, huh! Also beauty and grooming products clearly hadn’t made the inroads they did just some years later, in the late Nineties. I am so used to seeing groomed hair, shiny skin, and white teeth on TV, that to see these natural-looking humans really had me puzzled for a bit, and I kept cocking my head to the side to figure why the extras from a zombie film were forming the audience.

OK moving on – and this is the main crux of my views as to why America is great and always will be. This folks, that audience right there, is so-called ‘middle-America’ or small-town America. And when people hear ‘real America or small-town America’ especially here in Europe, what you get is a lot of crazed diatribes about how these people are the dumbest end of the genetic scale and how they are going to end up destroying the planet, and that they believe fairy-tales about bearded men in faraway lands hanging off of crosses who plan to swing by Earth ‘sometime soon’ in order to restore the glory of the heterosexual white race, airwaves all a-blaze with trumpets and harps (or is that beer caps and BB guns) and homosexuals better beat it or get beaten to death.

But see how innocent and candid the looks on the faces of the audience members are, and how fair most of the questions. The only time I really heard snickering is when a woman called up and gave everyone a mom-like scolding, but there wasn’t any hate or scorn for the gay man on the stage, and there were several callers openly stating they were gay.

What I find weird is, how did the dialogue go backwards in the coming years? It couldn’t be these people, they are barely representative of a rabid, hate-filled backwards population!

For the most part, I found them authentic, caring, and compassionate. Few in that audience seems to think that Marc Christian, Rock Hudson, or any other gay person ‘deserves’ the virus or that it is solely the preserve of homosexuals. None of the small-mindedness, hate, and twisted-logic is on display in that crowd or their facial expressions. And this was 1989 folks, well before the Nineties, the Noughties, and the decade we’re halfway through now.

I was thoroughly impressed by the humanity of these people, and quite frankly, it’s almost fashionable among a lot of people to hate on these honest hard-working Americans, who aren’t always highly educated, but it would serve many a contemporary ‘progressive’ – from the so-called educated classes – well to take a leaf from the favorite book of these alleged-bumpkins, which is:

Judge ye not, lest ye be judged.


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