Coffee Makers and I

Folks, when you buy a new American-style coffee-maker, and rush to use it, do look to see if there is any tape covering the hole from which the coffee is supposed to drip! Else you’ll be spooning coffee out of that conical thing and coffee grounds everywhere, your coffee-maker, your clothes, the kitchen work-table-thing.

Update: The coffee holding thing is removable.

Update: There is no tape.

Update: You’re supposed to leave the lid on when you shove the coffee-pot underneath, it has a raised middle – the lid that is – which pushes up some sort of spring-loaded button at the bottom of the conical thing, that opens the opening from which coffee drips.

I should have just bought a normal espresso maker like this one:

but I wanted watery American-style coffee so I can drink tons of it black (else it’s 4 sugar-cubes a cup and that’s not helping my figure).

So I bought a black plastic coffee-dripper and saved EUR 2 in the process. I’m also not sure if I have an induction cooktop. It’s just a normal electric one but not a cerranherd (which I like better). Anyone know?

Hopefully you have a good coffee situation to help you recover from this supremely boring post.


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