A Corridor with a View

Blackest black you ever saw. Black stone on both sides, curving subtly yet hindering the view beyond. To get out of it, you’d have to take a few steps forward. But the oppressing walls on both sides, so close to you, make those steps the most halting and frightened steps you’d take. Take them anyway, as going backwards out of this narrow pass, you’d have to walk back the entire way you came. Might as well go forward, we don’t know what’s around the corner, there’s a small sliver of hope yet, that lifts your feet slightly off the ground, even as you take a rasping breath in and your chest feels heavy and dry. Turn the curve, there’s just more wall. Keep going regardless of your fears which make you unsure if you are still living. How on earth are you still moving? Turn the corner one last time, slightest shift in trajectory, and the skin on your face is flooded in warmth and light, you can see the grass, the sun, the sky, you are out, the darkness is behind you.

{a part of the Jewish Cemetery – somewhere in Berlin, near Potsdamer Platz}


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