Rant On Bad Product Design and Self-Absorption

Horrible design can do more than ruin your morning, it can ruin your entire day, day after day. It can affect your relationship if your toaster doesn’t allow crumb remnants to be shaken out easily so that there won’t be a fine and annoying spread of crumbs all over the kitchen top which sets your partners’s teeth on edge, causing you both to be irritable and snap at each other, leading to the feud of the century, involving each others’ mothers, ethno-cultural history, and the sad state of each others’ skills as a lover.

Now, if people could be bothered to use those grey cells that are amply provided to all at birth, they might realize, that they really should be snarling and raging at those who designed that toaster without a thought to where those crumbs might go! And throw away the toaster and get a better-designed one!

But most people literally live in the here and now, reacting to events with their ‘should ‘and ‘supposed to be’ and give no bandwidth to employing the skills of critical thinking, analysis, cross-referencing, and looking at something from all angles before drawing conclusions. Self-absorbed idiots of the world leave a trail of destruction behind them because they never genuinely take into consideration that other beings are not props in the scene they find themselves in, but are actually other beings sharing the exact same reality as them – experiencing however, a totally different version of it!

Yes, just keeping this in mind can change the entire universe! Self-absorbed types should be locked into a hall with hundreds of mirrors, where they can admire themselves all day long. They might only notice the 4000 others in the hall when they ask them to move because they’re blocking the mirror!

Now, as a previously self-absorbed type, I can assure you, that being self-absorbed is way more fun than the alternative. But it also causes a lot of grief. And therefore, if you are still self-absorbed, please consider the view outside the narrow corridor of your life.


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